contraceptive assessment and counseling consultation.

The contraceptive assessment and counseling consultation is the definitive step to enjoy sexual relations in full safety. At the clinic we strive to carefully listen to your needs to guide you correctly in the planning method that best suits you. We also inform you about the additional advantages that we determine contraceptives can have for the control of some gynecological pathologies.

If your choice is hormonal we will inform you about the different ways of using these contraceptives, from pills to methods such as hormonal implants or intrauterine hormonal devices whose placement and removal in the consultation itself Dr Berral already has very long experience.

If your desire is to opt for more definitive contraceptive methods such as tubal occlusion, you will be offered the possibility of performing this intervention by laparoscopy in the Day Hospital. Laparoscopic tubal occlusion is a simple, fast and outpatient procedure with 100% success, little pain and with a very fast recovery that allows you to return to your normal activity the day after doing so, come to us to receive more information.



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